The Royal Crown

Crown molding has the ability to take any space and amp it up to the next level, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to your design. Most homeowners are unaware that crown molding can be customized to fit their specific design esthetic. With proper training, and the right eye, a talented carpenter can build layer upon layer of molding to create a unique and classy accent to your home.

BLB Custom Building owner, Ben Becker, is known for his exquisite work with crown molding and trim. With his expertise and experience, Ben has put together a team of builders who can execute simple designs, to the most elaborate custom crown molding of your dreams. Check out the photos below from the 2012 project on Sanborn Terrace:

This custom three piece crown molding, designed by Ben Becker, features a main custom profiled molding. Pencil bead molding with a shadow cut was added to the top and bottom to create depth and character to the space to the dining space.

Custom two piece crown molding, designed by Ben Becker, features an added bottom layer underneath the main custom profiled molding to create a more elaborate design element to this guest bedroom.

Custom Crown Molding