Spring Into a Renovation

Spring is in the air! And with all of that Spring cleaning ahead, you are sure to discover countless home improvements along the way. As you clean out your basements and discover water damage, or brush out the debris in the garden and find that your exterior siding needs an upgrade – this is the perfect time of year to do it! Spring brings about change and BLB Custom Building is there to help with any projects both big and small. Here are a few home improvement suggestions to keep in mind for the Spring season:

1. Check for any water damage that may have occurred over the fall/winter months. Water damage and rot can be two very deceiving problems, where you may only notice a small appearance on your exterior, but what lies beneath could be a much greater problem and risk for your home. It is very important to correct any water damage as soon as possible, to stop the problem at the source, and prevent it from spreading.

2. From your yard, inspect your roof for any loose or damaged shingles that this past winter of heavy snow, hail, and sever winds may have caused. Before the intense summer sun arrives, it is important to correct any needed roof repair.

3. Determine your desired curb appeal now. Many home owners take a great value in the curb appeal of their homes, and how to make their exterior more esthetically pleasing. As our gardens begin to fully bloom and expand, it will become ever more difficult to make cosmetic changes to the exterior. If you are in the market to change a window, update your siding, or even add a sunroom – do it now! You want to be able to enjoy these upgrades all Spring and Summer long and not have it interfere with your favorite seasonal activities.

The possibilities for Spring renovations and repairs are endless, and these are just a few examples of how you can improve your home before the new season is in full swing. Check out the below links for some other tips on how to prepare your home for the Spring and Summer month ahead.