Second Story Addition

From the moment they purchased the house, these homeowners knew they would be going “up.” Originally a 900 square foot single-story ranch, the space was becoming far too small for the growing family. After an extensive renovation of the original ranch, our clients wanted more square footage and decided the best option was to vertically increase their living space.

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Newburyport, MA

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To successfully tie in a second-story addition with the existing structure, our crews removed nearly 2/3 of the ranch’s roof and sections of the first-floor ceiling. An LVL beam was installed spanning across the former bedrooms to support the second floor and the crew sistered joists to the existing first-floor ceiling frame to construct the second-floor deck. Once the exterior walls and new roof were framed and made weathertight, the crew snapped lines and framed the interior walls. Outside, the existing front porch was removed and new footings were placed to accommodate a larger deck.

Within the new first-floor family room, the crews constructed a new set of stairs leading up to the second floor, which opens to an expansive landing flooded with natural light from the three new windows above a custom bench seat. Also present in the second-floor landing is a brick veneer feature wall that encases the fireplace chimney that was extended through the addition. Originally, the chimney extension was supposed to be visible in the finished space, however, it was discovered that the extension interfered with the laundry closet framing. We developed the solution of boxing around the chimney, applying cement board to the walls, and covering it with brick veneer to mimic that amazing exposed brick look. 

Besides the second-floor, which is now home to three new bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dedicated laundry closet, and ample space for storage, we also constructed a new mudroom at the first-floor entryway that is easily hidden by two pocket doors. Over 900 square feet of extra living space was added, allowing this young family to continue to grow and create new memories. 

Photography by Kate McNamara, Freebird Photography