Merrimack Master Bathroom Remodel

This project, located on the top floor of a Conventional-style home across the street from the Merrimack River in Amesbury, MA, was a wonderful example of blending the old and the new. While the homeowners were looking to upgrade their master ensuite, they were also hoping to salvage items in the bathroom with historic charm.

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Amesbury, MA

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First, the crew removed the acrylic shower surround and framed brass door, single vanity, wall-length mirror, and the outdated plumbing and electrical fixtures and hardware from the bathroom. To remain was the cast-iron clawfoot tub, existing toilet, and the beautifully preserved hardwood floors. The homeowners were looking to increase their shower space, so our carpenters framed a larger, square curb and base that would later be covered by white quartz and marble hex tiles. For the shower surround, longer tiles were selected to mimic the look of shiplap walls and two custom niches with white quartz shelves and marble hex backing were added for additional storage space. Other accessories added to the shower include a chrome footrest, a tempered shower enclosure, and a sleek tile-inset linear drain. In place of the old vanity and wall-length mirror, new double vanity with a stone top plus two modern mirrors were installed.

Rather than removing and replacing the cast-iron tub entirely, the homeowners chose to refurbish the clawfoot tub with chrome lions paw feet and fixtures. Due to the age of the tub, which was manufactured in the 1920s, finding the right feet was a challenge – yet allowed BLB Custom Building to learn a few “best practices” when upgrading antique tubs. A framed set of chrome feet were installed, which compliment the chrome tub filler, drain, and hand shower.​