Joppa Flats Front Porch Addition

Situated across the street from Joppa Flats and the Merrimack River in Newburyport, the homeowners of this water-front home were looking to increase their outdoor living space. Rather than adding a standard rear deck, they opted towards a grand front porch to overlook the River and enhance the home’s already stellar curb appeal.

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Newburyport, MA

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Originally the facade of the home featured a simple front landing with a small roof supported by decorative columns. After we removed the existing structure, we dug seven holes to house new concrete piers that would support the massiveness of the new porch. Once supported, our crews began framing the 11′ x 52′ porch deck and prepping for the additional features – such as a ladder frame for vertical skirting, PSL posts for the new columns, and structural supports for the roof. Designed by Latady Designs, the roof includes a center barrel with two hip extensions and is finished with flat welded and standing seam copper, respectively.

Once the porch and roof were framed, we began finishing the deck with Thermory ash decking – a thermally modified wood product specifically made for high-end decks. The decking is originally brown due to the thermal modification process, however it will eventually begin to fade into a silver tone, which is a result of wood’s natural aging process when exposed to sunlight and rain. Following the decking installation, the crew moved onto the six massive columns scheduled around the perimeter of the deck. Sourced from Georgia, these 8′ fiberglass columns were styled in a tapered Tuscan fashion along with decorative Roman Doric capitals and bases. To install, the crew wrapped the columns around the six PSL columns and were adhered together with a marine-grade binding agent. Once all the columns were wrapped and bound, we installed nearly 60 lineal feet of custom railing systems topped with chamfered meranti wood that is the perfect resting spot for your drink of choice.

Photography by Kate McNamara, Freebird Photography