New Year’s Resolutions

Lets face it… it is easy to neglect mundane home improvement tasks throughout the years, which untimely can create bigger problems down the road. This year set yourself a New Year’s Resolution to become a better, more knowledgeable, and aware homeowner!


This year consider to pledge the bellow 6 resolutions to become a better homeowner.

  1. Inspect your siding and trim each season. Many homeowners let a weary piece of siding go unnoticed for months, unknowing what mold or rot could be brewing underneath. With seasonal inspections, you  are sure to take notice of any concerning changes in your siding and trim, stopping the problem before it becomes too big. Severe neglect can lead to rot and mold in the framing of a home, costing thousands more than a simple siding replacement.
  2. Bring all ventilation up to code. Many homes still have their bathrooms and clothes dryers venting into the attic, causing mold build up, and poor air circulation. Proper ventilation should vent to the outside of your home.
  3. Keep gutters clean. Clogged gutters cause drainage backup, leading to an overflow of rain, soot, leaves (and who knows what else in the gutter!) down the side of your home. Inspect your gutters regularly, and take notice of any back up, especially during foliage season.
  4. Make your basement as energy efficient as possible. By using airtight energy efficient windows and insulating a sill around your exterior, you can prevent cold air and moisture from entering your basement. These two easy fixes can drastically improve your energy bills, and keep your home more comfortable year round.
  5. Use a dehumidifier in your basement. If you aren’t already using one, go buy one now and empty it every day! Moisture in a basement can cause mold and mildew to grow, ruining your possessions and making for an unsafe living environment. Ideally, install a self-draining dehumidifier such as those made by Aprilair. Very little maintenance needed, you can set it forget it, and rest assured that your basement is safe.
  6. Ensure your attic is properly insulated. As heat rises in your house, it will literally go right out the roof, without proper insulation. Keep energy bills down, and reduce your carbon footprint, by investing in new insulation. Blown in insulation is a quick and affordable fix, that can happen any time of year.