Women’s History Month is celebrated annually each March, providing a time to recognize women’s achievements, honor women’s rights, and promote gender equality. For the latter half of the month, BLB Custom Building will be spotlighting the amazing women a part of the team. We interviewed each female leader asking a series of questions to learn a bit more about their impact at BLB and within the construction industry as a whole.  

This week, we sat down with Jordan Becker, BLB Custom Building’s Marketing Supervisor, who began her journey at the company in 2012 – earning the title of BLB’s earliest cheerleader! Outside of her role at BLB, Jordan works full-time for INTERLOCKS Salon + Spa and part-time for Banter Barber & Clothier, both located in downtown Newburyport. However, her absolute favorite and most important job title is “mom,” where she enjoys weekends exploring Amesbury and the neighboring communities with her two kiddos, tending to the family vegetable garden, and flexing her culinary skills in the kitchen. Read the full interview below!


Q: What is your role at BLB Custom Building?
A: I am the acting Marketing Supervisor, overseeing all marketing initiatives and providing guidance in brand direction and development. I have been with the company since 2012, adapting my role to the growth of our team and projects.

Q: Have you ever experienced any challenges while working in the construction industry in a marketing role?
A: No! Through my role at BLB, I have been able to expand my industry knowledge, marketing experience, and network.

Q: As a woman in a leadership position, what advice would you give other women who are looking to advance in their careers?
A: Know your worth. Continue to push yourself to learn, grow and adapt to your professional development, and seek opportunities to challenge yourself within your professional and personal life. In a marketing capacity, I have dipped my toe into multiple industries, navigating new conversations and content simultaneously, which often creates inspiration and innovation.

Q: What personal qualities help you succeed in your job?
A: Communication is key in my role, and being open to receiving and applying constructive feedback. Egos are apparent in every industry, but as a creative, critiques can often sting a bit more after putting your heart and soul into a project or campaign. It’s important to pause, reflect and communicate effectively.

Q: What was your favorite marketing campaign you worked on while at BLB?
A: Our first, large home photography and staging at the High Road Addition in Newbury, MA, which was a project credited as the turning point for the business and brand. It was an all-hands-on-deck kind of day, with just Ben and I staging the home while working alongside photographer, Glenn Livermore. We moved loads of kid’s toys, books, plants, art, furniture, and accent items around from room to room to capture that best shot. It created content that carried the BLB Custom Building brand into a new tier as a premier home builder and opened many new doors (pun most definitely intended!).

Q: Do you have a favorite BLB project?
A: My own home! While certainly not the largest or most high-end in the BLB portfolio, the renovations of my home and barn are a constant reminder of the quality of work Ben and his crew execute. As Ben’s wife, I have watched this company grow from its roots back in 2011 when Ben took an entrepreneurial leap, while simultaneously purchasing our first home – which was built in 1901. The hard work, sweat, and dedication that went into our home reflect the journey of his company’s growth over the past (almost) 10 years, and our family’s growth with two children over 5 years.


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Headshots by Glenn Livermore, Glenn Livermore Photography