Building Green

With the start of the Spring season, everyone is thinking green! So is BLB Custom Building, with a new ICF Energy Efficient build. An ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) home is a specialty build that is becoming more and more popular throughout the country.

ICF homes provide many benefits to homeowners, creating a dynamic and efficient living space. Because of the solid non-toxic building materials used, the structure prevents any air infiltration, which means no dust, allergens, mildew, or insects, providing ICF homeowners with the assurance of a healthy living environment for children and families.

With no air infiltration, ICF homes are exceptionally energy efficient. Perfect for our extreme New England weather conditions, these homes provide optimal temperature control with minimal heat/AC. The sound deadening materials will also enable families (and pets!) of all sizes to live together comfortably.

The longevity of an ICF home gives homeowners satisfaction in their investment for years to come. The unique block construction requires no maintenance, is highly resistance to wind and impact, and will not rot or decay. These strong structures will last for generations, providing a sturdy and energy efficient residence for your family’s future.